Our Story

Kopec Naturals was founded by Laura Kopec, a nationally recognized holistic nutritionist and traditional naturopath, educator, author and speaker. When Laura first began studying the human body in 1995, she made a decision to live in harmony with nature at its purest level. In 1997 she moved to a small town in Eastern Washington and lived on an acre of land, all the while studying and practicing the relationship intended between man and nature through the practice of self sustainability.

And so began a life of organic gardening, harvesting, raising chickens, milking goats, and making everything from scratch. Laura taught herself how to culture yeast in order to make bread from the fresh flour from the grinder, make yogurt, cheese, and wine. Some ventures turned out to be more successful than others.  She canned everything the fruit trees and garden yielded, and even learned how to can her own chicken soup from scratch. This led to the making of her skincare products beginning with a stretch mark oil while pregnant with her first child. Little did she know at the time, her homemade skincare products would eventually become Kopec Naturals Skincare and provide 100% natural skincare for people around the world, and her passion for natural living would evolve into her holistic healthcare practice as nutritionist and traditional naturopath.

The five years spent in Eastern Washington living in harmony with nature were an incredible foundation full of trial and error, highs and lows, ultimately deciding to return to an urban life with her children, and a message for all of humanity. Kopec Naturals continues to embrace the passion Laura inspires within us for a harmonious relationship with nature by what we put in our body, and on our body. For additional information about Laura, please visit her website at www.laurakopec.com