Babees Super Skin (Formerly Cradle Cap Comfort)“Thank you so much for creating a product that is so wonderful. My infant suffers from a severe case of cradle cap and we tried everything on the market. I’m using your product [Cradle Cap Comfort] along with other SLS and toxic free baby wash and lotion and it is working great. I want to share my story with other mothers and let them know they do not have to suffer the way I did. I was outraged to find most of the ingredients in all other products offered to help cradle cap and dermatitis were toxic and contained irritants that make dermatitis worse.” Sincerely, ChaKwan Jones, Temecula, California

Babees Super Skin (Formerly Cradle Cap Comfort)“After years of seborrheic dermatitis on both sides of my nose, using steroidal creams that didn’t soothe, the Cradle Cap Comfort ointment worked at least as well as the prescriptions, and soothed the burn so I could smile COMPLETELY. Thanks!” David Lewis, Dallas, Texas

Intimacy Indulgence “Dear Laura, Intimacy Indulgence has changed my life! My worst menopausal symptom, by far was vaginal dryness. It just about brought the sexual intimacy in my marriage to a halt. Every product that I tried, including the specialty KY products had the same result, burning, burning and more burning! Then you suggested Intimacy Indulgence……the results, amazing! The product not only provides incredible lubrication that lasts, but my symptoms have improved as well. The extra bonus, my husband loves the scent of the oil, which only adds to the intimacy experience!” Mrs.W. Pennsylvania

Pregnancy Rash Relief “Thanks, Laura. I have used the Pregnancy Rash Relief. It worked for me just after 2-3 applications.Cheers and More power!” Genevieve Calupig, Phillipines

Pregnancy Rash Relief “Hello. I just wanted to write and let you know how much the Pregnancy Rash Relief treatment helped. I was in misery, I had major itching and bumps around my c-section incision. After a few application of this treatment, the redness and itching had come to an ease. I was alot better in a day or two but I continued to use it for two weeks. It was worth every penny and I can’t say enough good things about this product. Thanks again for your fast and friendly service! Thanks.” M.L.,Stanley, VA

Pregnancy Rash Relief “Hi Laura, Just wanted to let you know how much your Pregnancy Rash Relief has helped me get through my PUPPP rash. I’ve had one of the worst cases of this rash which is extremely itchy and painful. I’ve been using the Pregnancy Rash Relief for almost a week now and have seen significant improvement. Thanks Laura.” Nida Syed-Mustafa, Belle Mead, NJ

Pregnancy Rash Relief “Thank you, my Pregnancy Rash Relief arrived yesterday and does provide some much needed relief.” [The following day] “Feeling better today, not itchy! Bumps are not so raised and red…it is great to get this rash under control for the summer months ahead here!” Derrian, Fairy Meadow, New South Wales, Australia

Rosacea Relief “I went decades without realizing my sensitive, breakout prone skin was actually rosacea. Trial and error kept things in check until I went on a long, hot, car trip without air conditioning. Then my skin went from “sensitive” to “raging maniac.” Any kind of heat and it would get inflamed, uncomfortable, and quick to break out. Then I discovered “I went decades without realizing my sensitive, breakout prone skin was actually rosacea. Trial and error kept things in check until I went on a long, hot, car trip without air conditioning. Then my skin went from “sensitive” to “raging maniac.” Any kind of heat and it would get inflamed, uncomfortable, and quick to break out. Then I discovered Rosacea Relief. By following the complete instructions, my face felt much better immediately! Then, my skin gradually calmed down to its pre-car trip state… then improved on my “normal,” then it became something I hadn’t experienced since I was a child… it became Normal Skin. It doesn’t just look good now… it feels good, too! Thanks to Kopec Naturals.” Sincerely, Pamela Merritt

Rosacea Relief “I had developed Rosacea around my nose area and onto my cheeks. I had also begun to develop some areas on my chin. It was red, itchy, unsightly and painful. I tried over the counter options and went to a dermatologist. Nothing worked. I came across your site on the internet and ordered a sample bottle. It felt so much better I ordered a full size bottle. I used Rosacea Relief for about 1 year, twice a day after washing my face with glycerin soap and water, and I did not use any face lotion at all. It is amazing how the skin adapts to not using lotion and after the first few days of “tightness”, my skin felt fine without a moisturizer. Of course it did look a bit dry during that period but all ended up to be well worth it. The great news is that I was able to stop using Rosacea Relief completely and am now using a hypo-allergenic moisturizer. I am completely free of the Rosacea. I have been clear for 8 months now and have never looked back. I would highly recommend Kopec Naturals Rosacea Relief as a saving grace. Just stick with it and be consistent. It will help. I hope a lot of you out there have as much success as I did. Thank you Kopec Naturals!” Carol Silk, USA

Rosacea Relief “Thank you, Laura, for your wonderful products, especially the Rosacea Relief which I am so happy I tried, with your generous offer of the free sample. I used the sample twice a day and stopped taking the antibiotics and Metrogel which I had been taking for months with no positive results. Much to my surprise my skin improved within 1 month of use. I didn’t use anything else per your instructions and saw the texture of my skin improve daily. My skin hasn’t looked this good in…well, I honestly can’t remember when. I don’t want to ever be without this wonderful product and I’m looking forward to trying many more of the product offered on the website (which has been a great resource for me also). Thank you again for these exceptional innovative products which saved me from being on medication and it’s detrimental side effects.” Sincerely, your new loyal customer, Lillian

Rosacea Relief “Hi Laura. I would like to thank you for the sample you so kindly sent me a couple of weeks ago. I have tried most things for my skin but the worst thing has to be the white lumpy spots! I started using your product [Rosacea Relief] straight away and it felt very calming but after a couple of days the spots became worse. But I persevered as you did say in your letter that it might take a little time! After 2 weeks I can now see a positive result the blemishes and spots are really reducing and not re appearing, I still have redness and blushing but it think that is to do with a very warm office where I work, these flushes are also reducing as I used to have them everyday so I shall keep on using the sample until it runs out.” Kind Regards, Lesley Dargan, UK

Rosacea Relief “I received your sample of Rosacea Relief. My hopes were not high, but I was very pleasantly surprised. At first, as you warned, the rosacea got worse. But I stuck with it and suddenly my skin was clearer and normal-looking. Even the thickened skin near my nose went away. One of the big triggers for a rosacea flair for me is stress. And even though I recently went through a very stressful period at work, which would usually have me looking like…well, you know, my skin stayed clear. I am so happy with Rosacea Relief. I have also ordered the Skin Luxury and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you very much.” Kathleen Eddy, Elk Grove, CA

Rosacea Relief “Dear Laura, I had to write to thank you for your wonderful product, Rosacea Relief. I was extremely unhappy when my wonderful complexion was marred by a nasty case of Rosacea under my nose and down next to my mouth and on my cheeks near my nose. The Rosacea really made me look bad and I was depressed. The doctor wanted to prescribe something but I said, no, and told him that I would find a natural ‘cure’. I bought your products [Rosacea ReliefSkin Luxury and SLS Free Body Washand for the first 2 1/2 weeks I didn’t see an improvement, but, then in the past week or so, a massive improvement took place and now, I am back to normal! My face is pretty again! Thank you so very much for coming up with this wonderful ‘cure’!!!!! I am extremely grateful.” Robin Grattarola, Monument, CO

Rosacea Relief “Dear Laura, After using Rosacea Relief for three months straight my face is so clear I hardly have to use the Rosacea Relief anymore. And when I do have an outbreak it is usually because my shampoo got on my face in the shower. I am looking forward to using your SLS Free Body Wash next. Thanks.” K.D. Tacoma, WA

Rosacea Relief “I have used prescription antibiotics and topicals for my Rosacea for over ten years. After using Rosacea Relief I immediately noticed a difference in my skin, and was slowly able to stop using any other product but the Rosacea Relief. I have been free of the antibiotics I used for the Rosacea for a month now, and still counting. I really recommend this.” Albin Kulvinskas, Phoenix, Arizona

Rosacea Relief “In my line of work, I depend on first impressions and public appearances. Rosacea Relief has given me back the confidence I need in the way my skin looks and feels.” John D., Boston, Massachusetts

Rosacea Relief and Skin Luxury “I have never, ever recommended any type of product before. As a nurse I was taught to be really careful of what I say as not to imply that I am “prescribing” anything. Having said that, as a person who WAS suffering from Rosacea symptoms and issues, Rosacea Relief worked wonders! I also use Skin Luxury. Absolute WONDERS! I had large pores on my nose, (really large pores), and also redness on the tip, and I now have to look super close to even see them! I had never really noticed that I had fairly large pores on my chin, (they seemed small compared to the ones on my nose) and now I realize the pores on my chin are just as invisible! Due to the redness on my cheeks I can’t remember the last time I had to wear blush. Well, now I can remember,,, last night! I had to actually put some blush on last night when I put on my make-up before going out to dinner with friends. I cannot begin to tell you all the wonderful ways this product has impacted not only my skin, but my self-confidence and self-esteem. I wholly recommend this product.” C. S., Orlando, FL

Rosacea Relief and Skin Luxury “Dear Laura -It’s very exciting for me to feel so great about a product AND your company…it’s rare these days to find a company, large or small, who delivers on all counts. So, let’s get down to why I’m so happy… A personal email answer to some questions? Wow…personal responsiveness isn’t always a hallmark in the online world. The products? Brilliant. For the first time, maybe ever, my skin feels moisturized without that oily on top, dry underneath feeling attendant with every moisturizer I’ve ever used, no matter what the cost or ingredient list. And it feels as good when I wake up in the morning as it did when I washed my face and applied my Rosacea Relief at night after sleeping on a pillow all night. So now I get why you want everyone to use your cleanser [ Skin Luxury] with the treatment. It’s a complete package…And it’s simple. Two steps. Wash my face with Skin Luxury. Put on Rosacea Relief. I’m done. I might add a hydrating toning mist I get from MyChelle if I want a tad more moisture or just a refresh for my face. That’s it. Love it. And what about the Rosacea, you might be wondering? Oh that. I’m so amazed with how my skin feels I could almost forget that this is where it all started. But yes, much better. And plenty of products will take away redness. But none of them balanced my skin properly the way yours does and now I see how important that is. So, thank you so much for your wonderful products and your great little company.” –Janice Salomon, Carmel, NY

Skin Luxury “I am writing to say thank you for my recent order. I ordered the Skin Luxury face wash from you. I admit that I was a bit skeptical that it would be moisturizing but decided to give it a go because I have tried the Rosacea Relief from you and liked it. The Skin Luxury actually does what it says it will which is cleanse AND moisturize. I use the Skin Luxury and a MyChelle product called Capillary Calming Serum. I have been using this regimen for only a few days and am having good results. Thanks for making a product that does what it claims.” Kindest regards, Siri Michel

Serious Scalp Hydration “I had problems with my hair falling out. There was no product on the market, I tried everything. Because I am a regular customer of Kopec Naturals, I contacted the company to see if they had a product for African American hair. The product is Scalp Therapy especially designed for the growth and nourishment of African American hair. I immediately put it on my scalp. I saw a difference after the first application. I use Scalp Therapy on a regular basis now. My hair is back to its original texture and all of the problems have ceased. Thank you Kopec Naturals for a wonderful product. S.K.,Dallas, TX

Simply Beautiful “I had areas of disgusting, bumpy, oozing, slippery, gooey, slimy, itchy, stinky, sticky dry skin on my décolleté that I could not get laid because of. After using the Simply Beautiful on the affected area only twice, the condition vanished & now I myself have been “used” a few times if you know what I mean… 😉 – J.S., Phoenix, Arizona

Smooth ‘n Stretch “A fantastic product that is sorely needed.” Christine Thain, Licensed Midwife, CPM, Seattle Washington

Smooth ‘n Stretch “I came across Kopec Naturals while pregnant and looking for products to see me through the changes taking place on my skin. After reading that the line was created by a mother who couldn’t find products to suit her during her own pregnancy, I was sold. I used Skin Luxury and Smooth n’ Stretch throughout my pregnancy, I can say that I ended up with not a single stretch mark and my pre-pregnancy redness gave way to a beautiful “glow”. I’ve continued to use the products on myself post partum and on my new daughter – both of us are pleased! Whatever changes my family’s skin will go through, we’ll able to find relief in Laura’s line of products. Thank you!” Erica Goldsmith, Seattle, WA

Soothing Salt Scrub “I have used other salt scrubs and they did not work, so I was reluctant to try this one. Then one day when I was in so much pain I gave it a try. Not only did it [ Soothing Salt Scrub] relieve the pain and increase my circulation, I, honest to god, could not believe that I could feel relief immediately. This is not your ordinary salt scrub. You need to make people buy this.” J.D., Seattle, Washington

Soothing Salt Scrub “Wow, another great product! (I know I shouldn’t have doubted that!) It felt a little greasy after I rinsed but my skin is so dry that after 5 minutes… it had absorbed it and it was smoother than a baby’s bottom. (Almost as soft as my face now that I use your other products!!!!) I love it!!” C.S. Orlando, Florida